Who Will Attend


he Forum will be attended by a broad range of delegates from the private and public sectors, civil society and development organisations and many more.  Also expected at the Forum are broad range of delegates from various sectors, including: 

Corporate: local and international companies in the energy sector, extractive industries, agribusiness and development sector.

Multilateral and Regional Institutions: United Nations agencies, Regional Economic Communities, development organisations in Africa and other regions of the world.

Diplomatic and Donor Communities: embassies, high commissions, donors and Foundations.

Media: local and international media, social media.


Why You Should Attend


he Pan-African Business and Biodiversity Forum is organised by a rich pool of leading organisations from companies, government, civil society, finance institutions, multilateral and development organisations. Each of these actors will draw a diverse audience into the Forum, from their networks. 

This is your chance to join one of the foremost gatherings of companies, civil society, government, development institutions and international organisations on African soil. Business leaders, government representatives and environmental experts will be sharing their knowledge on the management of natural capital and corporate practices. 

There will be room for you to profile your organisation and to create national and international partnerships. The Forum communications plan will ensure maximum media coverage for Forum Sponsors (see sponsorship brochure for details) and Partners. The Forum will highlight opportunity areas for investment and expansion of green growth in target sectors towards Africa’s green future.

Media Coverage

The Forum will also be profiled through press releases and other media activities. Our Communications team will facilitate 1-1 and press interviews with key media houses.


Networking Opportunities 

Forum sponsors will benefit from networking opportunities with government officials, investors, companies, finance, intergovernmental and multilateral organisations, consultancies and advisory firms, and other stakeholders, including high level speakers. Opportunities for bilateral meetings are also available and can be facilitated in line with sponsors’ objectives (see sponsorship brochure for details).