Useful Information about Ghana

Essential Information about Ghana

Major religion: Christianity. All other religions are tolerated in Ghana and people are free to exercise the religion of their choice.

Capital city: Accra (also largest city). 

Main cities: Kumasi, Sekondi, Tema, Tamale

Neighbouring countries: Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso

Political system: Constitutional presidential republic

Time: GMT 0

Money: The Ghana Cedi (GHS), divided into 100 Ghana pesewas. The US Dollar (USD) is widely accepted in the main cities and tourist spots. Many international banks are represented in Ghana. ATMs are commonplace in the cities, but are harder to find in more rural locations. 

Transport and driving: Cars drive on the right hand side of the road in Ghana. City taxis are an inexpensive way to get around. ‘Tro tros’ are shared minibus taxis.  Expats are able to drive in Ghana on a foreign licence for up to a year. 

What plug adapter should I bring?

Outlets in Ghana generally accept general two types of plug:
Flat blade plug ( as in the United States) or Three rectangular blade plug ( as in the United Kingdom)

What time zone is Ghana in?
Ghana Standard Time operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Visit the Ghana Tourism Authority website for detailed information about visiting Ghana including visas, useful contacts, car rentals, travels tips, national parks and more.